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The most important golf tip is custom fitting for golf clubs.  You must have equipment that fits the game you are playing and fits you correctly.  Would you buy a pair of shoes that didn’t fit you correctly?  Of course not.  So why are so many people using golf clubs that are not the correct clubs for them?

where can i get custom fittings for golf clubs?My Observations


Juniors will often inherit their parent’s clubs.  This results in the club being too long and too heavy.  In turn the clubs have an incorrect grip size, shaft flex, and lie angle.  All of these things will only make the game more difficult and frustrating. When buying clubs for ladies the clubs are made specifically for smaller builds. The shafts are designed specifically for lower swing speed and made to create higher trajectory!


Ladies often experience the same issue.  They will try using their partner’s clubs thinking that they aren’t sure if they will like the game and don’t want to spend money on clubs if they aren’t going to continue to play.  The frustration that they will have from playing with the wrong clubs will cause them to not like the game and become frustrated.The shafts are designed for lower swing speeds andmade to create a higher trajectory.  This will help to get the ball up in the air and carry further.  Now that’s fun!


Many of the men I teach will be hitting an off-the-shelf set of clubs, because they assumed they were standard.  Although it’s true that standard size typically refers to someone who is 5’ 9” to 5’ 10”. Keep in mind that when you are measured for the length of your clubs, it’s not your height that matters, but the distance of your hands to the floor.

Club Fitting Needs

Height & Swing Style

Height and swing style are factors that can affect the lie angle of the club.  Your lie angle refers to the way the club head lies on the ground.  Your goal is to have the sole of the club lay flat on the ground when hitting the ball.  If it isn’t correct, you will end up either hitting off the heel or the toe of the club; causing the ball to not go straight.

We all have different size hands no matter what height we are.  Some of us have arthritic hands that are not able to grip real tight and need more comfort.  Make sure that your grip size is correct so that you are able to hold the club properly.

Correct Shaft Fitting

Lastly, getting fit for the correct shaft flex will ensure that you get the proper balance between carry and roll, and will maximize your distance. If you are playing with a shaft that it is too soft, this will result in a trajectory that is high and right, as you will tend to get too much shaft deflection, and side-spin. It will be more difficult to control without slowing your swing speed down.

If you are playing with a shaft that is too stiff, you may have a difficult time “loading” the shaft, and/or creating enough backspin to get the ball in the air, resulting in a lower trajectory, and ultimately, less distance.A correct fitting will include static and dynamic measurements for length, checking swing speed to determine flex, checking lie angle, and grip size and composition.

where can i get custom fitting for golf clubs in austin texas?Where Do I Go For Custom Fitting For Golf Clubs?

These steps are absolutely necessary for players of all abilities, whether you are just beginning or have been playing for many years. At The Golf Ranch, our experienced fitters use measurements, lie tape rubs, face impacts and our golf simulator, including, swing speed, launch angle and face impact angle to acquire the information needed to accurately arrive at our clients custom fitting for golf clubs.

If you are in need of a new club, or even if you would like your current clubs fitted, come see us and visit our website to learn more. You’ll be amazed at the difference it will make in your game. We look forward to seeing you!