Austin Golf Store | How to Improve Your Golf Swing

Have you been frustrated with your lack of distance or golf swing speed? You’ve come to the right place! Our Austin golf store is the best resource for improving your golf game. Below, our golf pro, Bill Easterly, explains how to increase your distance in two simple steps!

what is the best austin golf store?Two Steps to Increase Your Distance 

  1. Determine if Your Flex Is Correct

Many players will use the same golf club shafts for ten years or more, which may be the cause of your distance issue. Over time, it becomes more important to adjust your golf clubs every few years. To know what flex you should be using, have your clubhead speed checked. When you are paired with the correct shaft you will see your distance improve.

  1. Check Your Swing

First, you’ll want to remember to make a good shoulder turn. Then, when doing your backswing transfer your weight from your left side to your right side. Make sure you avoid letting your right leg straighten on the backswing while maintaining a little flex in your right knee. When you complete your follow through, don’t let your upper body lean in front of your lower body. To check that you are making the correct follow through, your right shoulder will be closer to the target than your left. If you find that you finish in balance, you’ve fixed your swing! If you are losing balance on your finish, then you are leaning instead of turning.

How can I improve my golf swing quickly at an austin golf store?What’s My Next Step? | Austin Golf Store

If you are still struggling with your swing, don’t delay. The Golf Ranch offers custom fittings and golf lessons! You can have one of our certified club fitters determine your golf swing speed and schedule a lesson with our golf pro, Bill Easterly. Don’t let a frustrating swing keep you from playing. Contact our certified club fitters at our Austin golf store today to learn more about our services!