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Bill Easterly has over 30 years of experience in the golf field. Bill spent 17 years as a professional tour player; traveling and playing on various tours in the US and ending his career playing in Australia. He is a two time Gulf Coast Invitational winner, and a three time winner on the Senior Players Circuit.
For the last 10 years, Bill has been working as a golf instructor helping others to enjoy the sport that has been so good to him. He specializes in working with an individual’s swing, because not everyone plays with the same swing. He will work individuals according to their goal and their capability. Bill’s students range from players with a low handicap who need a few tweaks to the 30 handicapper who wants to improve and enjoy the game without becoming frustrated and maybe some day compete.

Bill can work with those who have physical limitations and with Juniors who are just starting.


His fees are extremely reasonable and worth every cent. Adult lessons are $55 for adults and $45 for Juniors. For corporate group lesson pricing, please call.  You will definitely see results right away.

Bill’s Article:

You can also enjoy reading Bill’s golf tips in the Georgetown View Magazine every month.


13 thoughts on “Golf Lessons

  1. Tyler Fisher

    My brother had a lesson with you on friday may 6. He absolutely praises you and your teachings. Under his reference, i have decided to come to you for guideance. i want to be able to compete with my friends and family at the sport. i just have a couple, what seem to be, minor problems. I was just hoping you had a spot open for me early this week sometime. I look forward to your intructions and i certainly have other references that i can send to you. Thank you for your time.

  2. Jay West

    Bill is the best teacher I have ever encountered in my 30 plus years of golfing. His instruction is easy to understand and implement. The methods are straight forward and simple. The results are great. My game is much better because of my visits with him. I strongly recommend anyone taking lessons from him.

  3. Gary Bartlett

    Pretty elementary, after 4 lessons dropped 7 strokes on handicap. This guy knows his business. My buds are saying “Where’d that shot come from”. Just sit back and smile.

  4. Gerry Bailey

    Hello Bill. I’m visiting my sister-in-law in Georgetown this week and read your tip “Maximum Distance Using Your 3 Wood” in the April Georgetown VIEW. Practiced and executed that “Tip” the next day at the Cimmaron GC. Only focused the tip with my Driver but yesterday hit 13 fairways close to center. I was very pleased. Thank you.

  5. Charles "Mac" McGlothen

    Hello Bill,I’ve been playing golf for 2 years, lots of area in my game that needs improving. I would very much like to sign up for a lesson with you. I live in waco so would prefer the weekend.

  6. Sandra Murphy

    I would like to purchase a lesson voucher for my husband for Father’s Day, is it possible to do it online?

    Many thanks


  7. Patrick

    Hey Bill, I would like to schedule a lesson with you. How can we make that happen? Thanks

  8. Alicia W

    Bill is fantastic, very helpful and patient. I was a beginner with an old injury and Bill modified my swing and helped me trouble shoot my hang ups! Also very reasonably priced for the Georgetown area!

  9. David Duffey

    I would like to make an appointment for a lesson. Please advise of your procedure for doing so.

  10. Marcia Ness

    Just had my first lesson from Bill and he got me back on the right track so quickly! He made the necessary changes needed and I played 18 holes today, with amazing shots…all from the tips he told me to work on!
    Thank you, Bill!

  11. Tom McNamara

    Just moved to Sun City from Chicago. High handicapper looking for some guidance now that I’m retired I’m hoping to improve. I can make any time during the week so whenever is most convenient for you I’d lime to schedule a lesson. Let me k now what works for you. Thank you

  12. Josh C

    Hi Bill,

    I need help, hoping you had a slot Monday morning Oct. 29th around 9 or so.

  13. Melissa B

    Hello! I am interested in lessons. How long is each adult session?

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