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Custom Fitting

Custom fitting is one of the most important things when it comes to golf equipment. Custom fitting is essentially finding the right equipment for your specific golf swing and body type. Here at The Golf Ranch we are 100% committed to getting you into the right clubs to make you a better player no matter what they are. Our fitting staff has been named Top 100 club fitters in the country for years and are ready to get you into the best fit set of clubs you've ever owned.

The fitting process starts by calling up to the shop and scheduling a fitting appointment that lasts anywhere from 30 minutes to 2 hours depending on what you are looking at. We will get you one on one with a member of our fitting staff who will begin by getting basics from you such as type of golf you play and what your looking for out of your new club(s). We will then get a set of base numbers from your current clubs so we know what to beat. We will then look at clubs from EVERY major manufacturer to find the best fit for you. We look at club head, shaft, grip, length, lie, weight and loft to make our determination on what club is best for you. 


Difference between fittings at The Golf Ranch and your other golf fitting shops is that when your buying a new club from us, you don't pay for the fitting! Other fitters charge up to $300 for the fitting alone and then try to get you into the most expensive combination they can even if there's an equally great option at a lower price point. We are a company build on honesty and fairness and this motto extends to every aspect of our business. 

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