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Golf Lessons

Our teaching center is the best place to come to hone your skills, and work on your swing flaws. Our two teaching pros are the best instructors around boasting over 40 years of teaching combined. Golf lessons are 45 minutes of one on one instruction with one goal in mind, to make you score your best scores. We offer indoor instruction in one of our hitting bays so the weather is always great year round!

Lessons are offered for every skill set. If you are just starting out playing basics such as grip, posture, and stance are simple aspects of the golf swing that learning early can set you up for success in the future. If you are a lower handicap player, a touch up in technique is always a good idea every once in a while. Our golf pros, Bill Easterly and Jim Hopkins, are here to provide you with the instruction that you need. 

512-863-4573 to schedule your lesson today!

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